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EMTEK Co., LTD Taiwan launched and mass production the several kinds of tiny SMD power inductors/RF inductors and common mode choke to meet the portable /wireless device needs . The mobile devices applied EMTEK components with the characteristic of low profile, low Rdc, and high current handling capacities.  The magnetically shielded structure that ensures the high-density mounting configurations with flat bottom surface ensure secure and reliable mounting.

     In the new generation of wireless mini PCI and multifunctional mobile devices, EMTEK has the more advanced inductors with excellent function to achieve the higher power conversion efficiency.  The PIN2510 has lunched and mass production for over one years with 2.5*2.5*1.0mm and outstanding IDC/ Irms to resolve power management issues of the new applications need, such as GPS, mobile phone, blue tooth, USB power device, and so on.  The related combo including LCD series as well as PIN2010 is your best solution for the needs of downsizing and thinning mobile devices nowadays. 

     EMTEK R&D and production team has applying its great experience tobalance the trade-off between size and efficiency in tiny wire wound power inductor, RF inductor and common mode choke for related  IC’s needs of the wireless/portable systems at present.  Lower profile, lower loss and higher Current in Compact Size is the design guide of our R&D principles to design such inductors which made by unique automatic process.  The present qualified product lines of tiny SMD power /RF inductor combo to fit customer needs of tiny electronic systems are proving what we are doing is not only the right things but also the contribution to save the energy for our children.

    Emtek’s experienced technology and operation team, with its active, positive, responsible spirit in conjunction with first-class quality control, manufacturing and R&D equipment to supply domestic and overseas customers.  We are well prepared to face the industry generation change and ever-competing market trend of lighter, thinner, shorter and tinier.